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Aalborg is a town in northern Jutland, where the Limfjord is at its narrowest, and is Denmark’s fourth largest city with 124 921 inhabitants (2011). The municipality, which became the country’s third largest after the nationally incorporated municipal mergers in 2007, has 209,943 inhabitants (2015).

According to old spelling, the name of the city is written Aalborg. The town’s residents continued to use the old name after the 1948 Danish spelling reform (where the letter form Å was introduced), which the municipality has also officially decided. Aalborg thus joins a smaller group of Danish place names, which are usually written with aa, as opposed to, for example, Århus, who quickly decided on the modern spelling (and changed back to Aarhus only in the 2000s). According to authorized Danish spelling, both name forms can be used, but the form with å is standard.

In January 2016, a report from the European Commission showed that Aalborg is the city in Europe with the highest proportion of residents who consider themselves satisfied with their lives.

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